What’s been happening this week?

It’s been another busy week of learning at home for Eagle Class! Here are some photos of some of the activities that you have been enjoying this week…

Bun really enjoyed the maths puzzles for our starter activity this week. He worked his way through the mild, spicy and the hot task! Well done Bun, such brilliant work!

Not only has Judah been busy completing his daily Doodle Maths questions, but he has also been helping his younger brother to learn his numbers from 1-10. After teaching him the numbers, Judah says a number and asks him to point to the correct one. What a kind big brother you are!

Maisie has been busy in the kitchen baking again. This time she made a delicious cake all by herself! It looks incredible; I hope she saves us a slice! I think that Maisie will be quite the baker once lock down is over.

To practise their spellings this week, Joseph and his sister used the game Scrabble to spell out each of the words. I love how they have managed to combine their different spellings together. What a brilliant idea! Perhaps some of you may like to give it a go too.

This week, Nathanael has finished the final book in the Little House on the Prairie series! He recommended these books for our class list as he has thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Well done for reaching the end of the series Nathanael; what super reading!

Benjy has been following online drawing tutorials on Art Hub for kids. We were given a sneak peak of one of his drawings on Zoom last week, but he has now sent us a picture of two completed drawings. They really are incredible! Such detail and precision. Well done Benjy. I will be coming to you for some drawing tips!

Keep up the amazing work Eagle Class!

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