Walk to Sulis Meadows

This week, we had a lovely walk in the sunshine to Sulis Meadows as part of our topic and English work. We looked at our route on the map and estimated the distance of our walk.

In English, after half term, the class will be writing a newspaper report about the plans to build a new housing estate on the fields.

We finished off our walk with a trip to the view point which was beautiful!

An amazing first week back!

After a wonderful Easter break, Eagle Class have returned to school feeling happy, energised and raring to go! Just as well, because it has been an extremely busy week packed full of fun, sport and learning. Scroll down to see what we have been up to…

Wellbeing Wednesday – this week, we pushed all the tables aside and spent the afternoon playing board games.

On Thursday morning, we had a brilliant cricket session over on the field…

On Friday, we completed a science experiment to learn about how different surfaces create more or less friction…

We then finished our week off with a fantastic PE session where we played hockey matches in small teams. Such amazing sportsmanship and team work from all children!

Stonehenge Art

This week, Eagle Class have created some beautiful Stonehenge artwork as part of our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. They used oil pastels to create stunning backdrops which include bright sunsets, rainbows and misty moons. Then, they cut out different sized stones to create an effective silhouette of Stonehenge.

Have a look through the gallery below. Can you spot yours?

Wellbeing Wednesdays!

It is so lovely to be back in school together again. Wellbeing Wednesdays were created during our home learning period as an opportunity to try something new and to give our brains a rest from the screen. It was so great, that we have carried this on since being back in school. Here is what we have been up to…

Collaborative Class Colouring

Each child was given a section of a picture to colour in. We then put all 32 sections together to create this amazing rainbow picture. It looks incredible and really brightens up our cloakroom!

Learning a card game

This week, Miss Leins taught Eagle class the card game ‘Go Fish.’ The children absolutely loved it and picked the rules up incredibly quickly. They played so well together in small groups of 4 and there was a real buzz of happiness, laughter and competitiveness in the air!! Now to think of a new game to learn…

Following instructions

In English this week, we have started to look at instruction writing. To understand how important it is for instructions to be clear, the children first followed a set of instructions to draw a picture which were read aloud by Miss Leins. They all did this amazingly well and we looked at each other’s drawings to see how similar (or slightly different) they were having followed the same set of instructions.

The children then took it in turns with their partner to give their own instructions to draw a picture. They tried to use time adverbs to begin each step and adverbs to give extra detail. Here are some photos of them in action…

Clay Chocolate Pots

This week, Eagle Class have designed and made a Maya chocolate pot from clay. They followed each step perfectly to create their pot with its own lid and handle.

They then used their design ideas to imprint their pot with a pattern. All of the children had one design which included the Maya glyph for cacao and some have managed to draw this onto their pots which looks brilliant!

Once they have dried, they will be ready for the kiln and then we shall spend some time painting and glazing them. I can’t wait to see what they look like once they are finished. Here are some photos of the children making their pots yesterday…

Maya Temple Drawings

Eagle Class followed an online drawing tutorial to draw a Maya temple in the rainforest. We then really focused on our colouring to complete our pictures.

They look absolutely amazing and are all displayed on our classroom wall! They really brighten the room up!

Have a look through the gallery of photos to see everyone’s beautiful work…

Creating Food Chains

This week in science, we headed outside! Working in small groups, the children had to take it in turns to run to a designated box which contained 16 different pictures. These pictures made up four different food chains from a variety of habitats. Working together, the children had to organise the pictures onto their boards to create the 4 food chains; identifying the producer and consumers for each one. They showed such great team work and completed the task successfully!

Have a look at some of the pictures…

Autumn Poetry

This week, we have been writing list poems all about autumn. I was absolutely blown away by the amazing poems that the children wrote. They really are very heart warming.

Have a look through the gallery to read them all. You will notice how beautifully the children have written them up and illustrated them. Such wonderful work to finish off a great first half term.


This term in PE, we have been focusing on gymnastics. The children worked in pairs to create a routine that consisted of balances, transition movements and jumps. They have built up their routines each week as they learnt more moves and performed them to the rest of the class.

The pictures below show some of the brilliant partner balances…

The Cooper Fitness Test

This week, Mr Gunning ran a PE session with Eagle Class on the field. The children had to run around a laid out track for 8 minutes without stopping. Each lap that they managed to complete was marked onto their hand.

They all did amazingly well and showed such determination. We will re-do the test next term to see if we can improve our scores.

Have a look at some of the photos below…


Welcome to Eagle Class’ Blog!

Our blog will be a place for sharing the amazing things that we have been doing in class.

The children have settled into Eagle Class extremely well and we are all looking forward to a great year together!

Excellent English!

Have a look at some of the fantastic English work that has been completed at home recently…

Completed stories using the dice and story grids. I loved reading how you finished these!

By Cara…

By Benjy…

Well done Joseph for writing a brilliant diary entry focusing on the journey to school photo. I loved reading the events of your day!

Joseph has also written a brilliant book review of an audio book that he has recently listened to. It looks as though he would highly recommend it!

Neptune Capsule information Leaflets.

Well done Zac, Benjy and Darcy for completing these fantastic leaflets! I can really see the time and effort that you all put into these so well done.

By Zac…

By Benjy…

By Darcy…

What else has happened this week?

Joseph really enjoyed our maths starter – what is the question? He thought of loads of different possible questions which all have an answer of 25.

He also managed to fit all of this week’s spellings onto the scrabble board! Look at how they all link together; well done Joseph.

Zac has been in touch with a new book recommendation for you all. The Space Pirates series by Jim Ladd. He thinks they are books that you will all enjoy. The class list has been updated on our page so have a look if you are looking for a new book to read. Thank you for the great recommendation Zac!

Nathanael wanted to share this limerick with us that he found in a poetry book. The book is full of lots of funny limericks that he and his family all really enjoy. Thank you Nathanael; I really like this one!

What’s been happening this week?

It’s been another busy week of learning at home for Eagle Class! Here are some photos of some of the activities that you have been enjoying this week…

Bun really enjoyed the maths puzzles for our starter activity this week. He worked his way through the mild, spicy and the hot task! Well done Bun, such brilliant work!

Not only has Judah been busy completing his daily Doodle Maths questions, but he has also been helping his younger brother to learn his numbers from 1-10. After teaching him the numbers, Judah says a number and asks him to point to the correct one. What a kind big brother you are!

Maisie has been busy in the kitchen baking again. This time she made a delicious cake all by herself! It looks incredible; I hope she saves us a slice! I think that Maisie will be quite the baker once lock down is over.

To practise their spellings this week, Joseph and his sister used the game Scrabble to spell out each of the words. I love how they have managed to combine their different spellings together. What a brilliant idea! Perhaps some of you may like to give it a go too.

This week, Nathanael has finished the final book in the Little House on the Prairie series! He recommended these books for our class list as he has thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Well done for reaching the end of the series Nathanael; what super reading!

Benjy has been following online drawing tutorials on Art Hub for kids. We were given a sneak peak of one of his drawings on Zoom last week, but he has now sent us a picture of two completed drawings. They really are incredible! Such detail and precision. Well done Benjy. I will be coming to you for some drawing tips!

Keep up the amazing work Eagle Class!