What else have you been doing this week?

Wow! What a busy week you have all had. Lots of fantastic work and fun activities. Scroll down to see what others have been up to…

Nathanael told us all about his Lego Millennium Falcon today on Zoom this week, and today, he finally finished building it! That must have taken a lot of time and patience. He is excited to show you the completed model…

William has done some beautiful descriptive writing. Just look at the language and the adjectives that he has used. He used his plan really well to structure his writing. You can just imagine being there…

Benjy had a go at solving the maths problem this week and managed to find a solution! I love how he used Lego blocks to help him. He has also completed a book review for the book ‘Dawn Wind’. This one is on our class recommendation list. Benjy has very nearly given it 5 out of 5 stars so perhaps some of you would like to read it too?

Joseph has worked really hard on his spellings and writing this week. He has managed to apply the spelling rule to each word and has then put each word into beautifully written sentences. Such lovely handwriting too! Joseph and his sister also had a geography lesson this week where they learnt all about the continents. It looks brilliant!

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